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Besties Barrier Kit

Besties Barrier Kit

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Barrier Besties kit features three Geek & Gorgeous favs designed to strengthen & support the skin barrier. The formulas are packed with ingredients to soothe, hydrate & protect your skin. Our geek trio is a gorgeous choice for all skin types.
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Kit includes:

Mini Liquid Hydration,50
please note: the linked product page is for the Liquid Hydration 110ml

A silky facial toner spray with 5% panthenol + Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) to hydrate and soothe all skin types. it not only gives gorgeously light hydration, but it also has powerful skin soothing & barrier strengthening benefits.

Stress less, 30ml

A light & silky gel formula with high amounts of Beta-Glucan from Oat and Madecassoside (aka Cica) from Centella Asiatica to soothe and repair the skin. Designed to reduce redness & signs of irritation, it's the perfect serum for sensitive, irritated red skin & a weakened barrier.

Happier Barrier, 50ml

An intensely hydrating, yet lightweight moisturizer with 7% squalane, 3% skin-identical lipids + green tea polyphenols. it spreads gorgeously, leaving your skin moisturized & silky soft + your barrier strong & healthy. Great for all skin types.

Cruelty-free | Vegan | Fragrance & Essential oil free | Gluten-free | Pregnancy-safe

How to use it?

How to use them in your ☀️ Morning or🌙 Evening routine:

1. Close your eyes and spray Mini Liquid Hydration mist all over your face.

2. Apply 2-4 dropsof Stress Less serum & let it sink in.

3. Follow with the Happier Barrier moisturizer. Use as much or as little as your skin needs.

The Barrier Besties Kit is a gorgeous choise for all skin types.